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Surveilance Services Provided by U. S. BioSensors

U. S. BioSensors is a data center centric company providing Managed Services and SaaS solutions for the Media, security, water, and governmental clients through Big Data Analytic solutions.

In high level monitoring analytical operations, the need has never been greater for technologies that can automatically make sense of information and derive critical intelligence to alert relevant parties. While observation forms an integral part of any compliance strategy, the ability to understand, analyze and interpret increasing volumes and types of data, including video footage, camera stills, vehicle registration plates, traffic records, police databases, immigration records, and transaction reports are integral to compliance. The access to social media content in all forms  must also be scanned and monitored for a response.

This platform not only provides an unrivaled range of stand-alone compliance and analytical operations products, but also a feature-rich, highly scalable platform that is capable of meeting compliance and analytical operations requirements of any size organization. With an entirely modular architecture, U. S. BioSensors allows the client o select only the capabilities needed, and build a solution that meets the unique needs. Enterprise ready design with massive scalability,

The platforms powerful management and analytic tools for structured information together with its ability to extract meaning in real time from all forms of information, regardless of format, is a powerful tool to get the most out of data.   U. S. BioSensors product portfolio helps power companies through enterprise search analytic, business processes management, media production and security operations.